Teen Court

Teen Court is an alternative, voluntary program, offering young offenders an opportunity to make restitution for a nonviolent offense. This is accomplished through community service, specialized classes and jury service, allowing the offender the chance to avoid fines and keep their records clear. By bringing respondents before a jury of their peers, Teen Court aims to deter teens from future, unlawful behaviors.

Parenting Wisely

Parenting Wisely program's research shows:

*  Increased knowledge & use of parenting skills;

*  A decrease in children's negative behavior;

* A decrease in violence and conflict;

* Strengthening family relationships;

* Increases communication, family unity & builds respect;

The CORe Project

Helping young men and women understand their past behaviors, build self-esteem, and have them graduate the program with the confidence and knowledge to integrate what they've learned into their daily lives, The CORe Project teaches the skills to empower today's youth to make better decisions when faced with potential situations that could lead to negative behaviors.

Robeson County Teen Court

 As the only "Research-Driven" Teen Court in the United States, Robeson County Teen Court offers young offenders an opportunity to make restitution for a non-violent offense.  We accomplish this through community service, specialized classes and jury service.   

National Institute of Justice

Columbus County and Robeson County Schools are working with us to implement a restorative justice school safety initiative.  Funded by the NIJ, the Peer Courts at these schools aim to reduce school-based bullying, aggression, and violence, while enhancing school safety and mental health in middle and high school students.

Richmond County Teen Court

Utilizing a restorative-based justice model to assist first-time offenders in assuming responsibility for their criminal behavior, Richmond County Teen Court holds each offender accountable for their actions by teaching them to make better decisions in the future through community service activities, specialized classes, and jury service.

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